UK Representative

The UK representative is a UK based local point of contact for the organisation they represent, who can communicate with individuals and data protection authorities on behalf of the organisation in relation to data protection matters. 


What are the UK Representative rules?

The extract below is taken from the ICO website, it states:

“If you are based outside of the UK and do not have a branch, office or other establishment in the UK, but you either:

  • offer goods or services to individuals in the UK; or
  • monitor the behaviour of individuals in the UK,


then you will need to comply with the UK GDPR regarding this processing after the end of the transition period.

As you will not have a base inside the UK after the transition period ends, the UK GDPR will require you to appoint a representative in the UK.

You will need to authorise the representative, in writing, to act on your behalf regarding your UK GDPR compliance, and to deal with the ICO and data subjects in this respect.


Your representative may be an individual, or a company or organisation established in the UK, and must be able to represent you regarding your obligations under the UK GDPR (e.g. a law firm, consultancy or private company). In practice the easiest way to appoint a representative may be under a simple service contract.

You should give details of your representative to UK-based individuals whose personal data you are processing. This may be done by including them in your privacy notice or in the upfront information you give them when you collect their data. You must also make it easily accessible to supervisory authorities – for example by publishing it on your website.

Your appointment of your representative must be in writing and should set out the terms of your relationship with them. Having a representative will not affect your own responsibility or liability under the UK GDPR.”

Note – Our UK Representative service starts from as little as £58.00 + VAT per month.

UK Representative – Next Steps

Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements. One of our specialist data protection consultants can advise you further with regards to our services and the monthly fees that apply.

We also offer a FREE DPO Discussion to run through your current compliance with UK GDPR and you can discuss with us whether or not you are required to appoint a UK based data protection representative.

This call takes about 45 minutes to complete.


Engaging Data Privacy Services

Engaging Data Privacy Services to be your UK Representative is a fairly straightforward process.

  1. You will need to review and sign our standard UK Representative Terms and Conditions
  2. You will need to set up your monthly subscription via GoCardless
  3. You will need to nominate Data Privacy Services as your UK Representative with the ICO