The ISO27001 Certified ISMS Lead Auditor course is a five-day,online course that teaches the skills to plan, execute and report second (supplier) and third-party (external) audits. This course will also teach you the skills in leading a team of auditors to achieve compliance with ISO27001.

Who should take this course?

This course is aimed at people who are looking to grow their skills in information security. ISO27001 is an internationally recognised qualification that demonstrates a persons knowledge in auditing a company against the standard. We would recommend that IT Security Managers and Compliance Managers take this course.

The ISO 27001 Lead Auditor training course covers the following topics:

  • An overview of the audit process used by certification bodies.
  • The purpose, benefits and core principles of effective auditing.
  • Common auditing terms and definitions.
  • Critical skills required for performing an audit.
  • Best-practice audit methodology based on ISO 19011.
  • How to establish, maintain and manage an audit programme.
  • How to plan, conduct, report, summarise and follow-up on an audit.
  • Effective interviewing techniques and observation skills.
  • How to use audits to identify non-conformities and ensure appropriate corrective action is taken.
  • How to assess and evaluate the competence of auditors.
  • Accredited certification audit specifics.
  • How the audit process is used in first, second and third-party audits.
  • How to apply continual improvement of the ISMS.

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£1295.00 + vat

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