The Certified Data Protection Officer Upgrade course is an addition to the "Certified Data Protection Officer" and "Certified Data Protection Officer Masterclass" courses. The Upgrade course will equip participants with the knowledge and operational skills to act as a DPO in the UK and ensure that GDPR compliance is effectively designed, implemented and maintained.

Who should take this course?

The Certified Data Protection Officer Upgrade course is ideal for those who have existing knowledge of GDPR and have passed the EU GDPR Practitioner examination, who are looking to expand their knowledge of becoming a DPO, whilst learning new skills such as conducting a GDPR Gap Analysis.

The Certified Data Protection Officer Upgrade Training Course covers the following subjects:

  • The GDPR’s intersection with the PECR, with freedom of information legislation, the Law Enforcement Directive and member state implementation.
  • The requirements in respect of appointing a DPO, the requirements placed on the DPO and those placed on the controller or processor.
  • How to achieve, monitor, maintain and demonstrate privacy compliance.
  • The roles of controllers and processors, and the relationship and required contracts between them.
  • The Article 12 general conditions in respect of data subjects’ rights and how to facilitate them.
  • How to conduct a GDPR gap analysis.

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£995.00 + vat

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