Free security audit - we review your information security risk exposure.

It is vital to assess your risk exposure regarding the security of the personal data.

We undertake a FREE Security Audit as one of the first steps to improving information security in your organisation. It can highlight the strong-points and weaknesses in an organisations security framework. After conducting our FREE security audit, your organisation will have a greater understanding of what needs to be done to become more secure and mitigate against a damaging data breach.

Data Privacy Services has qualified information security professionals that  conduct our FREE on-site Security Audit . Our audits cover everything from general office security right through to how vulnerable you are to a cyber attack.

Consequences of not assessing the risks can be very serious.

Unfortunately, if you fail to assess your risk exposure it can easily result in large fines from Regulatory Authorities (in the event of a breach of the Data Protection Act) or even the worse possibility of being held to a very expensive ransom.

Our FREE information security audit will provide you with an understanding of what needs to be done and also how we can manage your information security going forward.

Once we have completed your FREE information security audit, we will provide you with the audit outcome, produce a proposal for resolving your current vulnerabilities and also for how we could manage your information security on an on-going basis.


“GDPR? You made it so simple. The data protection compliance framework, which is provided, and your constant communication made the work easier and much faster than anticipated. I just worked through the framework, section by section, made the necessary changes and implemented what was required. Thanks, DPS!”

Tony Huggins, Operations Manager - NIC Instruments LTD
helpful and knowledgeable...

“After making enquires with several companies in regard to GDPR, we found DPS to be not only the most cost-effective solution but also very genuine, helpful and knowledgeable on the subject. I would recommend his services if you are in any doubt of the processes to be GDPR compliant.”

David Kennett, Head of Technology & Operations - Storetech
advice was clear...

“We found DPS to be most helpful with GDPR readiness and working towards compliance, DPS were particularly pro-active in their ability to pinpoint the areas that we needed to work on as a priority. The advice was clear and easy to follow and their response swift if we had any queries relating to GDPR.”

Esha Gungadin, Finance Director - SOS leak detection
efficient & knowledgeable

“DMPC has proved to be an efficient and knowledgeable resource that has certainly helped us to achieve an understanding of GDPR and prepare us to be compliant. The whole process has been simplified; the initial GDPR readiness assessment is comprehensive identifying weakness and strengths in our preparedness to meet the relevant Articles from the Regulations with clear guidance of what to do to meet the requirements. George has been our contact he is extremely patient and will explain things more than once if required! He responds quickly to queries and the templates provided have proved an invaluable resource. ”

Barbara, Nursing Home - West Yorkshire
Information Security as a Service (ISAS)

Take away the hassle of managing your organisations information security. Our information security as a service (ISAS) offering provides you with your very own dedicated Information Security Manager.

Our FREE information security audit assesses your risk exposure to a damaging data breach .

A qualified Data Privacy Services information security consultant will visit your organisation and conduct the audit.  Once we have completed the audit, we will understand how vulnerable your organisation is and produce a proposal for information security as a service (ISAS).  This will enable you to benefit from a dedicated Information Security Manager and also access to our other security professional services including cyber security threat detection software.

 Contact us to arrange your FREE security audit.

How secure is your data?
We provide a FREE security audit to review your current levels of information security. No obligation to purchase.
Cyber security services
We enable Cyber security services to limit your risk of a damaging data breach by detecting the threat.
Implementation services
We improve your level of information security and implement information security as a service (ISAS).

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Contact us to arrange your FREE information security audit