The big question is - how safe is your data?

GDPR requires organisations to ensure that individuals personal data is kept safe. This is one of the key principles of GDPR compliance and should form a major part of your overall on-going compliance framework.

Personal identifiable information (PII)  must be kept safe and all organisations must be able to demonstrate how this is being achieved. This includes all the data processing activities involving PII data undertaken by an organisation including manual and hard copy processing activities along with those done digitally.

Ideally an information security audit should be undertaken (at least annually) and the output of this audit used to improve data security and demonstrate adherence to the GDPR ‘privacy by design’ principle. This approach provides a demonstrable means of complying with the data privacy regulation and can prevent data breaches and the obvious financial penalties involved under GDPR.

Data Privacy Services - Helping you protect your data

Security Audit
We provide a full security audit of your processing systems and your day to day methods of securing personal data.
Cyber Threat Analsyis
We complete a cyber threat analysis to ascertain your risk of a data breach along with recommendations to improve your overall security.
Delivery Services
We can assist you to design and deliver improvements to your overall data security using our skilled and experienced team of consultants

Need more information? Download our DPS Security Services Overview.


We provide a range of data security services designed to support your overall GDPR compliance and adherance to the key principles in Article 5.

Data Privacy Services provide accredited data security consultants to review your overall data security.

GDPR requires organisations to demonstrate how they keep personal information safe, from both theft and data loss.  Data safety is vitally important in reducing the risk of a breach of GDPR along with the financial and reputational penalties that would come with this.

Our standard services are outlined below:

Need more information? Download our DPS Security Services Overview.


We offer four levels of service which are based upon the time required to complete the security related activities.

Level #1

One working day
On-site review
Objectives agreed up front
Informal report (via email)

Level #2

Two working days
On-site review
Objectives agreed up front
Informal report (via email)

Level #3

Four working days
On-site review
Objectives agreed up front
Formal Report

Level #4

Custom number of days
On-site review
Objectives agreed up front
Formal Report


Need more information?  Download our DPS Security Services Overview.


“GDPR? You made it so simple. The data protection compliance framework, which is provided, and your constant communication made the work easier and much faster than anticipated. I just worked through the framework, section by section, made the necessary changes and implemented what was required. Thanks, DPS!”

Tony Huggins, Operations Manager - NIC Instruments LTD
helpful and knowledgeable...

“After making enquires with several companies in regard to GDPR, we found DPS to be not only the most cost-effective solution but also very genuine, helpful and knowledgeable on the subject. I would recommend his services if you are in any doubt of the processes to be GDPR compliant.”

David Kennett, Head of Technology & Operations - Storetech
advice was clear...

“We found DPS to be most helpful with GDPR readiness and working towards compliance, DPS were particularly pro-active in their ability to pinpoint the areas that we needed to work on as a priority. The advice was clear and easy to follow and their response swift if we had any queries relating to GDPR.”

Esha Gungadin, Finance Director - SOS leak detection
efficient & knowledgeable

“DMPC has proved to be an efficient and knowledgeable resource that has certainly helped us to achieve an understanding of GDPR and prepare us to be compliant. The whole process has been simplified; the initial GDPR readiness assessment is comprehensive identifying weakness and strengths in our preparedness to meet the relevant Articles from the Regulations with clear guidance of what to do to meet the requirements. George has been our contact he is extremely patient and will explain things more than once if required! He responds quickly to queries and the templates provided have proved an invaluable resource. ”

Barbara, Nursing Home - West Yorkshire

Data Privacy Services can supply the necessary expertise your organisation needs to improve its personal data security.

We have years of experience in delivering data security improvements.  Our team of security professionals are available to deliver whatever security improvements you are looking to implement.

Our team can assist you to gain security accreditations such as ISO 27001 or Cyber Essentials.  Both of these accreditations are important in ensuring the safety of personal data and they crucially support your overall GDPR compliance in relation to Article 5 and the key principle related to the security of personal data.


Data Privacy Services provide a wide range of security related training courses both distance learning and classroom based options are available..

Whatever your data security training requirements, we can assist you to find the right course and training provider to meet your needs.

Our courses run in multiple locations across the United Kingdom through a network of accredited training partners.  These courses can be classroom based or in many cases provided on a distance learning basis.

Simply get in touch and tell us what you are looking for.  We will aim to book the right course at the right price with flexibility on dates and locations.


Need more information?  Download our DPS Security Services Overview.

Concerned about the security of the data you process?