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Why Partner with Data Privacy Services?

Why Partner with Data Privacy Services?

Data Privacy Services is one of the largest data protection and information security consultancies in the country. Data Privacy Services is a trading name of Data Privacy and Security Services Ltd, a UK-based limited company based in Shropshire.  We offer our services to a wide range of organisations across both the private and public sector.  Our services are appropriate to all sizes of organisations, from very small businesses to large multi-national companies.

We are growing fast and are looking to expand our range of products and services in the data protection and information security sectors by partnering with other organisations.

Partnering is proven method of business development by mutually benefiting from working with organisations that naturally align with each other.  We are specifically looking for partners in the following areas:

  • Data privacy management software solutions providers
  • Data protection training providers
  • Information security training providers
  • Cyber security penetration testing providers
  • ISO 27001 implementation and auditing service providers
  • IT support companies who are looking to ‘white label’ our services
  • Management consultancies who need to complement their own services by white labeling our services to their client base
  • Procurement organisations looking to source data protection and information security services
  • Information security service providers who need additional data protection services and expertise
  • Consultancies who specialise in information/knowledge management who need additional data protection and information security expertise 

We are interested in discussing all opportunities to partner with organisations globally.


Explore how our products and services could mutually benefit business development.

We need to explore the benefits of working together and how this co-operation could pragmatically work going forward.

Our approach is to work closely with our partners to developing a solid business relationship.


Develop a partnering approach that enables both organisations to flourish.

It is vital to quickly establish the way in which we are going to work together.

Typically, we would review the potential partnership options from across our combined range of products and services and develop a strategy for marketing and delivering these to our clients. 


Finalise a formal partnering agreement.

It is important to set up a formal partnering agreement between the parties so that it s clear how the partnering will work, how the financials will be handled and also ensure that any non-disclosure requirements are covered.

Once this is done, we are all set to work together and mutually benefit from our combined experience, skills and client network.