Want to fast track your GDPR compliance work?

We provide a range of services to help medium and small businesses comply with GDPR. Our EU GASQ certified GDPR consultants can assist you with all of the activities you need to be ready for the regulation and also manage your compliance with it on an on-going basis.

Apart from our professional services we also provide a GDPR Toolkit designed for organisations that simply want some advice and guidance and a starter kit to fast track their GDPR compliance activities.


Our GDPR Toolkit consists of:

  • The vast majority of the policies, procedures and forms you will need to help you demonstrate compliance.  Typically these include:
    • Example Privacy Notices
    • Documentation required to manage Data Subject Access Requests
    • A draft plan for managing incidents that could result in a data breach
    • Multiple policy templates
  • A step by step guide to achieving  GDPR compliance that focuses on the simplification of the process.
  • A GDPR Audit Checklist that enables you to assess how ready you are for GDPR and to start to build your own assessment of the risks that your organisation has to manage as part of your GDPR compliance plan.
  • A Data Processing Inventory template to be used for completing the inventory for all processing activities that involve personal data.
  • A GDPR Questions and Answer Reference Guide that outlines typical questions that businesses have in relation to the regulation and how the to comply with the regulation in those circumstances.

Note – The guide is written by a fully accredited GDPR consultant.



With every Toolkit you have email support for 6 months provided by fully accredited EU GDPR consultants.


£395.00 + vat

It can be purchased from the link below using a debit / credit card or via Paypal.

Reasons to buy

A forty page GDPR compliance guide, written in plain English that covers:

  • The basics about the regulation
  • The challenges regarding data and compliance
  • The key risks an organisation is likely to be exposed to with GDPR
  • A detailed overview of what constitutes a risk management focused GDPR compliance plan
  • The legal basis for processing personal data
  • The categories and descriptions on what is classified as personal data
  • The rights of Data Subjects