Service Description

Our level 1 service is the entry level service designed for smaller organisations that are legally required to have a Data Protection Officer (DPO) or feel they require one as a point of ‘best practice’. The service is designed to meet the legal requirement as you are able to nominate Data Privacy Services as your appointed DPO with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO).

This level does not include set hours of support although these can be purchased as and when they are required.

Have you completed our online self assessment?

We also offer a FREE DPO Discussion to run through your current compliance with UK GDPR.

This call takes about 45 minutes to complete.

Engaging Data Privacy Services

Engaging Data Privacy Services to be your DPO is a fairly straightforward process.

  1. You will need to review and sign our standard DPO Level 1 Terms and Conditions
  2. You will need to set up your monthly subscription via GoCardless
  3. You will need to nominate Data Privacy Services as your DPO with the ICO

Engaging Data Privacy Services

This is a simple three step process:

Review and approve our Terms and Conditions via Docusign

Set up your monthly subscription with GoCardless

Nominate Data Privacy Services as your DPO with the ICO

Note – this is a minimum 12 month rolling contract so that you have peace of mind and DPO continuity.

£58.00 + vat (per month)


What is included?

  • Assignment of a fully accredited Data Protection Officer
  • Nomination with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO)
  • Development of the Incident Management Plan
  • Ability to call the DPO in the case of a data breach

Engage Data Privacy Services