Many organisations are now ‘legally obligated’ to have a Data Protection Officer.

Data Privacy Services provides Data Protection Officer (DPO) services to organisations that are now legally required to appoint one under GDPR.

Our DPO service starts from as little as £195.00 + vat per month.

Why outsource the role?

The role of a DPO is a specialist one, requiring a thorough understanding of GDPR, broader data privacy management and information security.

Many organisations now require a DPO that wouldn’t have considered it necessary previously, even some very small organisations now legally require one. Hiring a DPO is not straightforward, not only do they demand a fairly high salary (circa £70K per annum) but their availability in the market place is challenging due to the lack of trained resources looking for a role of this nature.

Organisations looking to recruit or assign this role from within their existing resources need to be fully aware of the rules relating to conflict of interest.

Note – typically Senior Managers, Company Directors and individuals responsible for data / information management cannot be a DPO.  Also, there is a legal requirement for the DPO to be appropriately qualified.

Why choose Data Privacy Services?

  • We offer this service at a very cost effective rate.
  • Our DPO’s are fully certified in GDPR and Data Protection
  • We have experience of a wide variety of organisations and data privacy challenges
  • We have a unique value proposition in that we only employ DPO’s that are experienced in digital systems as well as data protection legislation

How do I know if I need a DPO?

This is a good question.  The law is slightly ambiguous and open to interpretation. However, if your organisation is processing sensitive data (typically health related personal data, information about children) you will now legally be required to have a Data Protection Officer (DPO).

This now means organisations such as the following may have a legal requirement:

  • Schools
  • Children’s Day Care Establishments
  • Dentists
  • Opticians
  • General Practitioners
  • Financial Advisers
  • Insurance Companies
  • Accountants
  • Suppliers of children’s services (e.g. sports, education etc)
  • Any type of organisation that processes large amounts of personal data (sensitive or otherwise)

Note – even if you cannot be sure you have a legal requirement, you probably may have a best practice requirement. Contact us if you need to discuss this in more detail.

How much does the service cost?

Our basic service costs £195.00 + vat per month.  The minimum contract is for 12 months and is payable on a monthly subscription basis. (See example terms and conditions)

This basic service is designed for organisations that just need to have access to a DPO and to be able to state they have appointed one.  One of our DPO’s would then be assigned to the organisation and would:

  • Develop the incident management plan (required in the event of a data breach)
  • Have a regular monthly meeting to discuss your GDPR and data privacy status
  • Be available to handle any questions your organisation has to respond to (i.e. from external parties) or assist with any internal data privacy issues

Note – we have more advanced levels of DPO services.  These services are designed to assist organisations that need more time and extra support from a qualified DPO.

DPO as a Service – from £195.00 + vat per month.

Click on the link below to set up your subscription.

Note – Once your subscription is set up we will invoice you monthly based upon our terms and conditions (these will be sent to you for review and approval).

Data Protection Officer – The Legal Requirement

GDPR requires organisations to appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO) under certain conditions e.g.

  • Is a public authority (except for courts acting in their judicial capacity)
  • Carries out large scale systematic monitoring of individual (for example online behavioural tracking)
  • Carries out large scale processing of special categories of data or data relating to criminal convictions and offences)

DPO as a Service – Starting from £195.00 per month (+ vat)

Our basic service provides you with:

  • A certified Data Protection Officer (DPO) who you can nominate as your official DPO
  • An Incident Management Plan to manage data breaches
  • Breach management (in the event of a data breach) – you only have 72 hours to inform the ICO
  • A point of contact for all your data protection issues, concerns and questions
  • Ability to comply with your legal obligation under GDPR

Note – more advanced DPO services are available that offer broader levels of service to meet any extra requirements that you may have.