About Data Privacy services

Data Privacy Services is a dedicated consultancy covering a range of professional services relating to the UK’s General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR) and Information Security.

A Team You Can Trust

We provide certified data privacy and information security professionals focused on the delivery of compliance services.  These services include data protection, security management, ISO27001 consultancy and training.

Our team is based across the United Kingdom and now also in the European Union, where we provide both UK and EU data protection representation services.

Our team of consultants

A Team you can trust

Data Privacy Services employs fully certified and experienced UK GDPR consultants. Our Data Protection Officers (DPO’s) are generally skilled in both data protection and information security. Note – this is a key differentiator when looking for a service provider who can manage the protection of data within modern digitally driven organisations.

We offer our clients a wide range of services to ensure their organisation has the support it needs to be fully GDPR compliant.

Our DPO’s provide a flexible service, providing the assistance needed to help you manage your data correctly and ensure you maintain compliance with the legislation.

As well as UK GDPR compliance services, we can also provide a Security Manager as a service, a role that is designed to reduce the risk of cyber-attacks or a data breach within your key systems. This service is designed for organisations that cannot justify hiring a fully qualified and experienced security professional but need this part-time expertise on a frequent basis.

All of our Information Security Professionals are ISO 27001 accredited with years of experience working within the industry. Many of our Security Managers are also certified (CISSP, CISM) with practical experience managing information and cyber security related activities. We will help you fully understand your company’s requirements and what steps need to be taken to reduce your risk of a damaging data breach.

Our team’s focus is on building solid relationships with our clients. This allows us to fully understand the business model and influence the approach taken to manage the privacy and security of personal data.

Our years of experience in digital information management, cyber security and privacy management enable us to quickly establish a practical UK GDPR compliance plan for our clients. This level of in-depth expertise is vital in delivering the ongoing assurance needed to meet the requirements of current data protection legislation.

Where can you find us?

We currently have offices in the United Kingdom and Cyprus (within the European Union- EU). This enables us to provide services for both UK and EU based organisations with local representation as per the requirements under the UK GDPR and GDPR.

Our Locations

We have offices in

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United Kingdom

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GEORGE HARRIS - Senior DPO / ISO 27001 Consultant

‘I ensure that my team of information security specialists, UK GDPR consultants and DPOs offer the very best service to our clients.

Having once been a victim of a data breach (one of the previous well-publicised occurrences), I personally believe in the importance of good information security and data privacy practices, which are now more rigorously underpinned by the recent changes to the Data Protection Act.

Data protection and information security are now vitally important components in how we do business.  We have a great team of professionals that can assist you to become compliant with the law and also assure your compliance on an on-going basis.’

Values that lead us


Compliance is King

Our starting point is always focussed on compliance and how to pragmatically achieve this.


It’s a Digital Age

We understand how modern digital organisations operate and how this impacts data management.


Be Pragmatic

Our approach is based upon pragmatism and applying common sense to compliance with legislation.


Value for Money

It’s vital to provide value for money, our clients need to appreciate our efforts and recommend our services.